Family Law Pricing

At RHR Legal, we pride ourselves on a transparent, value-based fee model that is focused on achieving positive outcomes, not big legal bills. We charge a combination of fixed fee and hourly rates. We will discuss with you the options and provide estimates and updates each step of the way.  A transparent fee structure is one of the keys to building trust and we will always give you the information you need to understand and budget for your legal fees.

Our Family Law experts are available for one-off, fixed-fee consultations for $385 (incl GST). These consultations are the first step to understanding your needs and developing a plan to help you move forward.  We also provide a range of other fixed-fee services to help you navigate your Family Law issues:

Initial Consultation – $385.00 inc. GST

  • One hour consultation in person, by phone or videoconference.
  • Discussion of your parenting, property, and other family law matters and the outcomes you are hoping to achieve.
  • A strategy outlining the options available to you and a plan for your next steps to help you move forward.

Mediation Preparation – $770.00 inc. GST*

Preparing you for attending a mediation where you won’t have a lawyer with you.

  • Two-hour consultation with our mediation experts either in person, by phone or videoconferencing.
  • Advice and a strategy for your mediation session.
  • Learn tools and strategies for managing conflict during the process and staying focused on your desired outcomes.

* Fixed fee only applies to property or parenting orders and requires you to have completed an initial consultation with RHR Legal.

Consent Orders – $2,310.00 inc. GST*

Consent orders are written agreements between parties that outline parenting and/or financial arrangements.

  • We obtain both party’s information for the application via phone or email.
  • We provide you with legal advice regarding the appropriateness of orders being entered into and the rights and responsibilities of each party.
  • We prepare an Application for Consent Orders and minutes of consent liaising with both parties for the orders to be signed and file the application with the court.
  • We provide a copy of the sealed orders to both parties.

* Fixed fee is for property or parenting orders and one party must have completed an initial consultation with RHR Legal. The fixed fee is based on the parties already being in agreement to terms of the Consent Orders. If there is any negotiation of the terms required, there will be additional legal fees to the fixed fee and this will be discussed with you prior to them being incurred.

Divorce Application – From $1,540 inc. GST*

You can apply for a divorce (sole application) or you can make a joint application with your spouse. The same online application is used for both.

  • We prepare the Divorce Application including consultation by phone or email to obtain both party’s information for the application.
  • Additional fees may be incurred if you do not have a copy of your marriage certificate, service of the application requires an agent and if attendance at the divorce hearing is required. The fixed fee does not include the Court’s filing fee.